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In Gujarat, 'NOTA' played spoil, know where to vote in the highest number of cities

In Gujarat, 'NOTA' played spoil, know where to vote in the highest number of cities Results of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh assembly elections are coming in 2017. Counting is going on in both states. In both states, the BJP seems to be getting a clear majority. In Gujarat, the BJP's victory has been decided and in Himachal Pradesh, it has been decided to start the lotus. So far, the numbers attached to the polling are clear that, in the results of Gujarat elections, Independent and NOTA (no candidate) has played the game.

In Gujarat, 'NOTA' played spoil, know where to vote in the highest number of cities

According to the Election Commission, the number of independent candidates in Gujarat has got 4.1 percent (988415) votes, whereas the NOTA has 1.8 percent (515708) votes. Which is more than the votes received by BSP and NCP. If the independents and noted voters had met the Congress, there would have been a major change in the outcome. Let us tell you that BJP got 49.2% votes and Congress got 41.5% votes..

Rajkotian has used 'NOAA' as the most used

In Rajkot city-district, 8 assembly seats, the BJP has emerged as the 'NOTA' at the third place, except Congress, the official government resources of 2200 to 2500 votes out of Nottana and about 18 to 20 thousand votes were added, Rajkot city- A total of more than 20,000 people, including the Congress, BJP or any other people, did not want to be overwhelmed by the district.

 In Himachal Pradesh, 0.9 percent voters chose the NOTA option

If there is talk of Himachal Pradesh, 0.9% of the voters have opted for the NOTA option. However, Independents in Himachal have got 6.7% of the votes. The BJP has 48.5 per cent votes and the Congress has 41.4 per cent votes. It is noteworthy that in the last 4½ years BJP has been wrestling power from many states in the state. BJP has taken a step further towards 'Narada' of Congress free India by overthrowing Himachal by Congress's hands

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