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From the first day of the new year, the Modi government will give you some special gifts. These gifts, where cashless payments will be cheap for you, but also give you an opportunity to travel freely from Indian Railways.

Further, the four features we are talking about will benefit you from 1st January and the first week of the month. Know more about these 4 gifts of the Modi Government in detail.

Mobile Siting Mobile Link: The facility of linking the mobile number from home based basis was coming from December 1, but due to non-completion of the telecom companies, this is not possible.

Telecom ministry has now cleared that from Jan 1, the common people will be able to get the facility of linking their mobile number to the base. After this, people will not have to rotate around the Enrollment Center.

Cashless payment will be cheaper: From January 1, the new MDR Charges issued by the Reserve Bank of India will be applicable. This means that whenever you pay with debit card from the first day of the new year, you will have to fill very little MDR charge.

These are the new MDR Charges: Now for the traders with annual turnover of up to Rs 20 lakh, MDR has been fixed at 0.40 per cent. Those whose turnover is more than that, they have to give 0.9 per cent charge now.

Also, here are the details that can not charge more than 200 rupees per MDR charge per transaction with up to 20 lakhs. If there is more than 20 lakh turnover, then they can not charge more than 1000 rupees per month as an MDR charge.

You will not have to fill the MDR Charge: On one hand, where the RBI has given relief to the common man by reducing the MDR charge, the Modi government has doubled this relief. Actually, the government's decision will also come into force from January 1, under which you will not have to pay any kind of MDR charge on purchasing up to Rs 2,000.

This means that whenever you make a purchase of up to 2000 rupees, you will not have to pay any kind of charge as an MDR for the next two years. This means that you will not have to pay anything extra on the bill till 2000.

Opportunity to travel freely: Indian Railways has introduced a lucky draw scheme. For this you just have to link the base card to IRCTC. After this, whenever you book a ticket, you can join the 5 lucky winners, who will get 10 thousand rupees cash reward and free opportunity.

This scheme has started from December. But if you book tickets even during these remaining 7 days and you prove to be lucky, then you can get this reward in the first week of January. Click here for full information.

But if you do not want to travel somewhere, then you can participate in this scheme in the new year too. Because this scheme will run for 6 months.

Keep in mind: Keep in mind these changes since January 1, because whenever you pay with debit card after January 1, please check that you will not be charged more than MDR charge. Used to be.

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