Golden Globe Award 2018.

Golden Globe Award 2018.

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Golden Globe Award 2018

Indian-origin actor Aziz Ansari has won the Best Actor award in the 75th Golden Globe Award for Television Series - Musical Comedy category for 'Master of Nun'. Ansari, who accepted the award in the 75th awards ceremony on Sunday night, said, "I did not really think that I would win, because all the websites were saying that I would lose. I am happy to win an award because the disappointment after losing two consecutive terms is disappointing. Ansari also thanked the Hollywood press with his parents. Actress Nicole Kidman was given the Best Actress Award for her performance in 'Big Little Lights'. On this occasion, Kidman talked about the ongoing sexual assault issue in Hollywood, saying that it is necessary to say the true stories. Elizabeth Moss also won the award for 'The Handmade's Tale'. Sieros Ron got the award for Best Actress in a Musical / Comedy category. Brown is the first African American to win the TV drama award.

Lifetime Achievement Award for the first black woman

Famous celebrity Oprah Winfrey said that it was a great experience for the first time in 1964 that Sidney Piotr received Best Actor Award. It was not believed that a black person was given this honor. Today many girls will be watching me. Because I am the first black woman to get this award. This is a chance to share the award with all the men and women, who inspired me. Who has challenged me.

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