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Preparation of breaks in the experimental examination of science on brakes

The board entrusted the responsibility of taking practical test to the schools but kept a watch on them.

A large number of students fail to get admission in standard 12 science exams, but the ratios of non-completion of the examinations are not very strict. Only about a thousand students will have 10 students who will be missing out on the experimental exam. Thus, the percentage of passing passes of the written examination and the experimental examination only leverages the arrangements in the experimental examination. On the one hand, many students' wickets are held in the main subject of science, and on the other hand, the same students make wonderful performances in the experimental, which arise doubt.

- Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board has made it a change after the decision of conducting the experimental examination of standard 12 science. The board decided to take the examination by the board while arranging science students in the experimental examination. But finally, the board could not meet for the examinations, because they have entrusted the responsibility of the examination again to the schools. However, before the examination, the Board will examine all the science schools and examine the laboratory. Apart from this, local teams will go for investigation after the board's instruction during the examination, sources said. Thus, efforts will be made by the board to make the students do not pass the experimental exams and pass them through the experimental examination. .

According to the information available, the schools previously had the responsibility to take practical exams in science. The students were examined by the students and their marks were sent to the Board and on the basis of that marks the marksheets were prepared by the board. However, despite the absence of laboratory facilities in many schools during the practical examination, students were given a mark of posterity and students were given marks without taking a practical examination in many schools. Following which the board had waited in front of such schools. .

Meanwhile, the decision to take a practical examination of standard 12 science was done by the Board, due to the importance of practical examination in science. For this, informing all the schools by the board, he told them this time as the experimental examination board would take. However, after a short time, the board has not yet been able to take this examination, by changing the decision and giving it to those schools, who have responded to the re-examination of the experimental examination. So this time the science-based examination of science will be taken by the schools and its marks will be prepared and sent to the board. .

According to sources, schools are now looking at the students to make arrangements and the students will be able to return to the recruitment to take the practical exams. However, against this, the board also waits for the schools. In which one science school is not without laboratory, the examination will be done only before. Thus, all the schools will be examined before the examination and their facility of lab will be seen. Find out if the school is able to take the exam. The science-based experimental examination program will be prepared by the board. So when the experimental examination is going on, the District team will go to the schools to check up and verify whether the examination is done properly by the school. This will break the students who were sending the marks without taking the exams of the students and all the students will be taken for the Junuine examination. Thus, the Board has entrusted the responsibility of taking the examinations to the students, but have decided to check that the examination of the school is properly examined. .

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