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Whatsapp: A message can not be forwarded more than 5 times

If you are using WhatsApp, you will not be able to forward a message more than 5 times. Whatsapp has fixed the limit for sending messages to Indian users to prevent faked news and rumors. The company has also said that users can not even use the Quick Forward button, which was used after the media message. The company has made this change only for the users of India. The company believes that in India people forward more messages, videos and photos than other countries. Whitsap has 100 million users in the world, in which 20 million Indians are in India.

WattsAppe recently announced guidelines on 10 points in relation to Mob Lynching events due to rumors. In it, users were told to keep caution that you should be cautious with the kind of message. If you do not want to fall into any legal limb, follow this guide. It was awakened to get the message forwarded, the identity of the fak photo, the information of the link, and not to increase the scary message. Let the information technology ministry say on Wednesday that when such news is spread through stormy elements, it can not be avoided by being the medium. The ministry asked Whitsap to give a second notice to it and make a more effective settlement. Apart from Whatsapp, some new features have been introduced, including Group Calling, Forward Message Level, Admins Control.
The new feature will work this way

The instant messaging app will now set a limit to forward all the messages, videos, and photos shared on WhatsApp. Wattsapp in India will test a limit of 5 times at a time. This means that no more than one contact can be forwarded to more than five contacts at a time. This means that if a message has been forwarded to the same account five times, then the option to forward it to WhatsApp on the WhatsApp option will be disabled. The company has said that the testing of this feature has been started with immediate effect. Whatsapp has confirmed is that this feature is being presented in a phased manner. And it will gradually reach all users.

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