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Public Holiday | Public Holidays 2021 | National Holidays 2021 | Government Holidays 2021

Public Holidays 2021 Gkexam regularly updates latest jobs in Gujarat, Educational news, Latest news about the National, International and Miscellaneous events were listed here for the candidates preparing for Competitive Exams. This post contains a national calendar of all 2021 public holidays for India.

Public Holiday

India is known for its diversities and religions where we enjoy a lot of festivals. we celebrate each and every festival with zeal and enthusiasm. But knowing the exact dates of the same becomes troublesome sometimes. we have brought Indian Calendar 2021 for you.

Public Holidays

Public Holidays 2021

Comprehensive list of National and Regional Public Holidays that are celebrated in Gujarat, India during 2021 with dates.

Gujarat Public Holidays 2021

Get details on the upcoming holidays in Gujarat. We have listed all the Gujarat holidays below to help you. With this Gujarat public holidays list, you might be able to plan your year in a better way.

Gujarat Public Holidays List 2021 Download

National Holidays 2021

Government offices are closed on General Holidays. This list of holidays can differ from one state to another depending upon the state and what festivals are prominent in the region.

Public Holidays in India

Religious holidays are based on lunisolar calendar which acknowledges specific positions of Moon and Sun. Majority of festivals and holidays occur on a mentioned lunar tithi (date) while others on solar tithis.

Comprehensive list of Public Public Holidays that are celebrated in India during 2021 with dates

Government Holidays 2021

It has been decided that the holidays, as specified in the Annexure-I to this 0.M., will be observed in all the Administrative Offices of the Central Government located at Delhi/New Delhi during the year 2021. In addition, each employee will also be allowed to avail himself/herself of any two holidays to be chosen by him/her out of the list of Restricted Holidays specified at Annexure-II.

Central Government Holidays List 2021 

The final list, applicable uniformly to all Central Government offices within the concerned State, shall be notified accordingly and no change can be carried out thereafter. It is also clarified that no change is permissible in the festivals and dates, as indicated at Annexure -I and Annexure-11 baring a few exceptions indicated at para 5.1 and 5.2 hereinafter.

Govt Holidays 2021 India

Govt Holidays Calendar 2021 gives a list of Indian festivals and holidays for the year. Government & national holidays are included in it too. These holidays are as per the Circular issued by the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions.

Bank Holidays 2021 India

In respect of Banks, the holidays shall be regulated in terms of the extant instructions issued by the Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance. View a complete list of all banks holidays.

Bank Holidays List Download

All banks are closed on April 1 due to the customary annual closing of accounts. Read about Bank Holiday in India in 2021. Bank Holidays List for year 2021 Download from given below link.

Gujarat Bank Holidays List 2021 Download 

Holiday list 2021

Gujarat 2021 official public holidays, bank holidays, government holidays and national holidays lists are given in this post.

Public Holidays 2021 India

During 2021, Diwali (Deepavali) falls on Thursday, November 4, 2021 (Kartika 13). In certain States, the practice is to celebrate the occasion a day in advance, i.e., on “Naraka Chaturdasi Day”. In view of this, there is no objection if holiday on account of Deepavali is observed on “Naraka Chaturdasi Day (in place of Deepavali. Day) for the Central Government Offices in a State if in that State that day alone is declared as a compulsory holiday for Diwali for the offices of the State Government.

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